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Product Design

The importance of product design in obtaining a successful product is extremely great. We can say the following about this importance. Click for more…


Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design is the transformation of abstract fiction created with ideas and dreams into concrete fiction. Click for more…

Automatic 3d printer performs a three-dimensional product creation, close-up


A prototype is a real product simulation that shows what the product will look like, what the product will do, and how the product works before launching a product. Click for more…

plastic mold of plastic bottle blowing porcess, high accuracy machining mold and die

Tooling Design & Manufacturing

It is a mechanical system made of durable steel prepared for mass production of products containing metal or plastic substances such as packaging, apparatus, machine part. Click for more…

TABA Mass Production

Mass Production

Mass production is a system in which machines and facilities are allocated only to a certain (or several) product, and operations on a certain product are performed one after another decisively. Click for more…

businessman hand working with new modern computer and business success as concept


Production consulting is the consulting service offered to companies operating in this field. Production is defined terminologically as a process carried out taking into account the elements of economic equilibrium aimed at market needs. Click for more…